Online Donation Guidelines

All Temple activities, including the development of facilities, are fully funded from donations and contributions from devotees and the community. Temple needs your kind and generous support in the form of financial contributions as well as volunteer work to make the various programs, including the temple development project, a reality.

Mata Shri Jawalaji Temple is a non-profit organization and as such all donations for the temple, activities are fully tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by the law.

  • Sponsorships (Donations) are needed for the following Temple Funds
  • Building Fund
  • Education Fund
  • General Fund (Covers Operational Expenses)
  • Food, Disaster & Humanitarian Aid Fund

Mata Shri Jawalaji Temple is extremely grateful to all the sponsors and contributors over the years, which has allowed it to provide the required religious, cultural, and educational services possible. 

Online Payment through Bank Account and Credit Cards:

You can make a donation to Shree Jawalajitemple Temple Trust using your Cash Card or Credit and Debit Card as well as your Internet Banking Accounts (Netbanking) on this website using the below button.