Do's and Don'ts in Temple


  • Go to Darshan in a line and use the Zig-Zag way for the same.
  • Donations should be made in donation boxes(DAAN PATRAS) or in office of Temple Officer and take receipt after donation.
  • Avoid to give anything to beggars.
  • Please help to maintain Sanitation and cleanliness of the temple premises.
  • Use dustbins for throwing waste material .
  • Beware of the pick pocketers and Chain Snatchers.


  • Don’t try to enter the premises from restricted entries.
  • Don’t feed monkeys.
  • Don’t litter prashaad or anything anywhere in the premises of the temple.
  • Don’t touch the any abandoned item.
  • Don’t scribble/write anything on temple walls.
  • Don’t capture Photographs/Videos in the main premises.
  • Don’t smoke, spit, chew gum, or snack while being in the temple premises.